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Selling Property With Neilen's Conveyancing Northern Rivers


Most sellers want to ensure a fast and efficient sale of their property. At Neilen's Conveyancing Northern Rivers operating throughout NSW, we can make sure the sale of your property is smooth and hassle-free. We have years of expertise in transferring ownership of property from sellers to buyers, and know exactly what to look for to ensure there are no unforeseen issues in selling your property. With many years of industry experience and a dedicated team of conveyancers, we are able to cater for:








Step By Step Guide to Selling Residential Property,

Vacant Land, And Rural Property

Before Selling

When you decide to sell your property, the first thing that wedois prepare a contract for sale. This is essential as putting a property on the market without having a proper contract isan offence under NSW law. Certain specific information needs tobe includedin the contract. Most commonly these include:

  • A zoning certificate showing local councils plans that may affect the property
        e.g. road widening;
  • A drainage diagram showing the location of any sewers;
  • A copy of the certificate of title confirming you own the property; and
  • Copies of any documents creating easements, rights of way,
        restrictions or covenants.


By putting your property on the market you are deemed to have made several promises about it, unless the contract for sale specifically says otherwise. These promises include:

  • That the land isn’t subject to any government proposals that might affect
        the land;
  • That there is no sewer on the land that isn’t shown in the diagram; and
  • That the zoning certificate gives an accurate picture of the zoning of the land
        at the date that the contract was formed.

The documents mentioned above come from the local council and the land titles office and itnormally takes about 5 business days to receive them. However, there is the option of paying an urgency fee if they are required sooner.
Once a contract has tobe prepared and the property is put on the market, you will receive offers. Once an offer has been made, the real estate agent will issue a sales advice to our office and the purchaser’s conveyancer. With the details from the sales advice, we can complete the contract.

Exchange of Contracts

At the exchange, the purchaser and vendor sign their copy of the contract and then ‘exchange’ them. This act makes the contract binding. Also, at the exchange, the purchaser will pay the deposit which is usually 10% of the full amount.

The agent holds the deposit in a trust account until the sale is finalised. Each contract has a cooling off period which only applies to the purchase of 5 business days after the date of exchange. However, we will request a signed section 66W from the vendor’s solicitor which waives the purchaser’s rights to a cooling off period.

Finalising The Sale - Settlement

The settlement is the completion of the transaction. While exchanging contracts a settlement date is agreed to, this date is most commonly 28 days after exchange unless otherwise agreed too. Before settlement, the purchaser’s conveyancer will draft a settlement statement which adjusts council rates, water/sewer access rates, water usage and anything else relevant to the property. We then check and approve the statement and provide the purchaser’s conveyancer with cheque directions which will include a council cheque and a cheque for your discharging mortgagee.
This process is performed to ensure that each party only pays for rates etc, at the time they own the property. You do not have to be present at the settlement, we will act on your behalf and meet with the Purchaser’s Conveyancer, a representative from your bank and a representative from the purchaser’s bank. Once settlement, we has occurred we will notify you and the agent, then the agent will be authorised to release the deposit to you and the keys to the purchaser.

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